Refund and Returns Policy

We try our best to provide you with the best quality product and services, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. However, if you are not satisfied with our products, you can return the products and get a full refund of your order, provided they comply with our refund and return policy.

Acceptable circumstance when you are eligible for a refund

We offer a free refund or replacement if you have received a wrong, damaged or expired product.

Make sure you have all the details, like the original packaging material, invoice, and product labels, intact. You will be entitled to a refund when the delivery order code matches the shipment order number.

You need to remain present while receiving the order. Your return and refund process will be canceled if someone else’s has picked up the order on your behalf.

If you find a fault in our product and intent to return it, you should contact our support team within seven calendar days of receiving the products. Please mention the reason, and our team will review the issue carefully, and after the approval, we will contact our delivery partner to collect the order from your place.

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In case of a wrong, damaged, or expired product, we offer a free refund and reshipment.

Delayed delivery

You can opt for a refund if the product is not delivered within the estimated time. However, we request you to check the tracking link to check the current location of your delivery. If it has reached your nearby area, wait for a couple of days; it will reach your doorstep soon.

Incomplete order

If you didn’t receive all the products, you could refund or cancel the remaining order if they have not reached your location within the estimated timeframe. We again recommend you check the tracking details as sometimes we split bulk orders in small consignments and ship them in weekly intervals. You can see the shipping details by clicking the order tracking link. So, if you received only half of the product, the rest is likely on the way. However, to make sure, contact our support team for details. If unfortunately, there is a shipment error from our side, we would be happy to provide you a refund or free reshipment.

Refunds policy

We will process your refund once we receive them. The amount will be refunded within 5-7 working days to the payment source. For instance, if you have paid through internet banking, it will be returned to the respective bank account.

Ineligibility for a refund

We may deny a return or refund request, if:

  • You have mistakenly ordered a wrong product
  • You are returning because your doctor changed your prescription
  • You have entered a wrong address
  • You were not physically present will receiving the order
  • You have tampered with or opened the seal of the product
  • You have partially or completely used the product
  • You have lost, tampered or damaged the bar code, invoice, label, or price tag


Users are requested to refrain from initiating returns or refunds by making false claims about the quality of the product, authenticity, or anything that is purposefully done to damage our brand’s reputation. Under such circumstances, we may impose a ban on your account or take necessary legal actions.

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