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What is Tamoxifen?

Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) known by the brand name Nolvadex. Bodybuilders and athletes use it as a post-cycle therapy (PCT) or anti-estrogen drug to prevent gynecomastia, which happens due to excess buildup of estrogen in the body as a side-effect of the anabolic steroid cycle.

It does not directly decrease estrogen levels in your body. It binds to the estrogen receptors to block selective estrogen receptors from breast tissues. As a result, estrogen couldn’t get attached to the breast cells, which decreases the chance of estrogen growth in this breast area.

Benefits of Tamoxifen

Tamoxifen is a SERM, an estrogen modulator. SERM and AI are often used interchangeably in the world of bodybuilding. This is because both of them as used as PCT to target excessive growth of estrogen during or after a steroid cycle. However, both works differently. It binds with the body’s receptors, decreasing the growth of estrogen. At the same time, AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) directly lowers the estrogen level, helping your hormone level return to its natural state post-cycle.

The benefits of Tamoxifen include the following:

It is an excellent drug to prevent gynecomastia while on a steroid cycle. It is often used as a PCT once the user is off the steroid cycle. However, some use them during the cycle. While its efficacy is beyond doubt, some people may experience a rebound of gynecomastia. Meaning, if you discontinue the drug, you may again see the signs of gynecomastia. Therefore, professional bodybuilders recommend it to use along with an aromatase inhibitor for a long-term effect.

It is pretty helpful in burning intramuscular fat and giving you a lean and toned body. Taking anabolic can cause water retention, which only helps in adding volume to the muscle. However, it makes the muscles bulky rather than sharp and cut. This drug helps in lowering water retention from the muscle cells and body giving your muscles a high degree of hardness and a defined look.

Steroid cycles often put an intense strain on your cholesterol and immune system by interfering with blood lipids. Using tamoxifen pills after the cycle helps maintain your immune system and decreases serum cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

This is the safer alternative compared to other PCT drugs and supplements. It is lower in toxicity and shows mild side effects, making it an ideal drug for long-term use.

Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) Dosage

Using with Anabolic Steroid Cycle

Using Tamoxifen during your steroid cycle can prevent gynecomastia and enlargement of male breast tissues. Any anabolic-androgen steroid with aromatizing properties can significantly increase your estrogen level, causing gynecomastia.

The recommended dose is 10mg per day during the whole. Make sure to take it only when it is absolutely necessary, as you have to take it in PCT anyway. You can take it if you notice any change in your body, such as softness in your breast area. Make sure to talk with your health adviser before taking it. You may also take it if you have any previous issues with low testosterone or an increase in estrogen levels in the body.

Using in Post Cycle Therapy

A higher dose of Tamoxifen is generally required during PCT. This is because you have to suppress estrogen, allowing your body to release natural testosterone. Your testosterone takes a massive hit during and after the steroid cycle, and taking this drug can really help.

The recommended dose is 40mg daily for 2-4 weeks and then drops to 20mg for 2-4 weeks. In total, your PCT with Tamoxifen should not exceed eight months. You can combine it with other compounds, such as AI (Aromatase inhibitors) and hCG.

When to start your PCT?

It depends on the active life of your steroid cycle. For instance, for short-acting steroids, you can start PCT right after your steroid cycle. For long-acting steroids, you need to wait up to two weeks before using Tamoxifen and other estrogen-modulating compounds.

For Females

Women require a very low dosage of Tamoxifen compared to men. If you are a woman, only 10mg per day will be sufficient.

You can benefit from the drug as it helps increase your workout performance, which comes with an improved testosterone level. Besides performance, the drug also helps improve your body composition, giving you a leaner and tighter body without putting your health at significant risk.

Side effects of Tamoxifen

Some common side effects of Tamoxifen include Nausea, vomiting, numbness, blurred vision, hot flashes, and irregular period. The intensity of the side effects can be reduced by limiting the dose to 30mg daily.

Reserve gyno

Tamoxifen is generally taken to suppress the estrogenic effect in the breast tissues that otherwise could lead to gynecomastia in men. While it works pretty well during the cycle, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility entirely. A rebound gyno can happen in people taking steroids that act in a progestogenic manner. During PCT, your body goes through the worst phase, such as low levels of free testosterone, IGF-1, and sex drive. When you stop taking Tamoxifen, you may see a significant rise in estrogen. Since you have nothing to stop this rise, you may develop gyno, which is known as reverse gynecomastia.

Liver damage

This drug can cause fatty liver in women, increasing the likelihood of liver cancer.


This drug can increase your susceptibility to cataracts.

Blood Clots

Excessive usage and abuse of this drug can increase your risk of blood clotting in cardiac tissue or artery, leading to a life-threatening situation. People with high blood pressure are more likely to get blood clots.

Low libido

An increased estrogen level can hinder the effects of elevated testosterone. There are a few cases of people complaining about Tamoxifen to lower their libido. This is why you should take it with a testosterone booster in PCT. While Tamoxifen helps eliminate estrogen production, the testosterone booster can help them increase their libido. Together they work as a great pair.

Mood swings

Tamoxifen may cause unbearable mood swings, including tearfulness and depression among bodybuilders. This could be caused by a high estrogen level in the body that could cause these issues.

In Conclusion !

Training and proper nutrition are highly crucial in bodybuilding. Taking supportive medications like SERMs and AIs without appropriate exercise and diet reaps no benefits for your body. Your training must comprise a combination of muscle-building exercises, including strength training. If you are new to bodybuilding, we recommend you consult your gym instructor for a detailed exercise routine and nutritional chart. Most importantly, don’t take anabolic steroids without consulting your instructors.

Frequently Question Asked?

Tamoxifen is a safe drug as the likelihood of developing a side effect is lower. First of all, it is not an anabolic steroid. So, unlike anabolics, it does not have any aromatization characteristics that may lead to breast enlargement or an increase in fat deposits in the breast area. This is only taken along with anabolic steroids to prevent the occurrence of gynecomastia.

The general dose is 10 to 40mg per day. However, if you are new to bodybuilding and anabolics, we recommend avoiding taking it until you train for a couple of years. Always consult a doctor and inform them before taking Tamoxifen.

If SERM, like Tamoxifen, fails to give you the desired results, go for AIs. Unlike SERMs, AIs aim to drop the estrogen level of the whole body. This means, it will help you drop all the estrogen-induced side-effects in the body, including gyno.

Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) inhibit aromatase activities, increase testosterone levels and prevent gyno.

The downside with AIs is that they can have a negative effect on your cholesterol levels, which you won’t see in SERMs. In fact, Tamoxifen has a positive impact on your cholesterol level.

Both SERMs and AIs are highly popular drugs used by steroid users. These products are incredibly beneficial in decreasing and preventing estrogen-related side effects that may happen during the cycle.

The difference between selective receptor modulators (AI) is that both works differently in decreasing estrogen level in the body and eliminating any chances of gynecomastia in the future. The working mechanism of SERM is that it works by binding with the estrogen receptors. Meanwhile, AI works by dropping the serum level.

SERMSs help in controlling a large number of side effects caused by steroids. Beside Tamoxifen, Clomid and toremifene are the other SERMs made to prevent the development of breast tissue estrogen receptors.

AIs are popular among users due to their water retention properties. Some common AI –products include Arimistane, Arimidex, and Aromasin. Tamoxifen is for users who are specifically concerned about gynecomastia. Anavar Oxandrolone Tablets, For Muscle Building.

You can buy Tamoxifen online from a reputable online pharmacy. You will always find websites claiming “genuine tamoxifen for sale.” However, you should trust every website that claims to sell it. Since there are many websites, we recommend you check the website’s credibility by doing some online research.

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